Why Offices Should Supply Low-Caffeine Coffee

Why Offices Should Supply Low-Caffeine Coffee

Let's talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and care for your employees! 

In the United States, at least 863,000 people are employed to work in offices. In the United Kingdom, 25.7% of workers were in ‘professional’ jobs in 2021. 95% of them provide stale decaffeinated coffee! (That's a wild guess from .3coffee blog writer from her very own experience) 

Ryan Walker, the author of 'Why We Sleep' and a sleep expert explains in his book that caffeine half life ranges from 6-7 hours and drinking a coffee at noon is like drinking a quarter cup of coffee right before you sleep.

Drinking a full-cafffeinated coffee after noon could impact staff sleep negatively, thus their physical and mental well-being compromised. On the contrary, if we have employees who are productive in the day and have proper sleep to rest and repair their brains at night, companies would create a much happier workforce!

To help spread awareness on caffeine, offices can start supplying low-caffeine coffee for their employees for those who suffer from over-consumption of caffeine and those who are more sensitive to caffeine. 

Call up your HR today and share the article with them!

Contact info@point3coffee.com for office subscription! 

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