the caffeine-conscious journey starts here

Professor Matthew Walker, sleep expert and author of 'Why We Sleep' put it this way, "Drinking a full cup of coffee at noon is like drinking a quarter cup of coffee right before bed and hoping for good night's sleep."

Before being an advocate for low-caffeine coffee, as an analyst crunching numbers all morning, I had to stay awake for all the afternoon meetings plus the after-work gatherings with friends.

Surrendering to a coffee after 3 p.m. every single day just to keep up with my day, I noticed my sleep was getting worse and my mornings were tiring. As a coffee lover, I crave the boost and flavour. I just hoped it's less intense, and more delicious than the normal stale, old decaf coffee off the rack. 

I wondered "What's the in-between of a decaf and a normal coffee?"

The more we talked about it, the more common we found this problem to be.