Nutty Brazil 300g

Nutty Brazil 300g

Experience Nutty Brazil, our top-selling coffee blend that's loved for its smooth, chocolatey taste and perfect balance for everyday enjoyment. Crafted from premium Brazil beans grown in the fertile coffee regions of Minas Gerais, this unique blend delivers a velvety texture and enhanced sweetness thanks to a sun-drying process that retains part of the natural skin on the beans.

Nutty Brazil offers a decaffeinated portion processed using a non-chemical mountain water method, ensuring a clean, natural flavour profile. With a gentle 30% caffeine content, this blend is easy to drink, whether it's for a morning boost or an afternoon treat.

Choose Nutty Brazil for a consistently delicious cup of coffee that you can always say "yes" to. Embrace the smooth, velvety and subtle sweetness of this exceptional blend.

Tasting Notes - Almond, Yellow Fruits, Caramel

Roast - Medium


30%-Caffeine for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up

Freshly fire-roasted in Norfolk

Designed by expert baristas



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