5 Ways To Optimize Your Sleep

5 Ways To Optimize Your Sleep

Sleep is the new yoga. As more research dig into the importance of sleep on our health and productivity, scientists are warning us about modern sleep habits. If you are a light-sleeper or a frequent dreamer, keep reading! 

Let's start with a crash course on sleep types. There are 2 main types of sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep & Non-REM sleep. 

REM sleep is important for learning and memory. It's when your brain handles information you've taken in during the day and stores it in your long-term memory.

NREM sleep helps your body wind down and fall into a deep sleep, which helps you feel more rested in the morning. NREM sleep helps us physically heal, recover from illness, deal with stress, and solve problems when we wake up.

You need both of them as they perform different functions on the brain and body reparation.

5 ways I find work the best to improve sleep.

1. Limit caffeine intake after lunch. 

2. Nap for less than an hour early afternoon

3. Read novels/fictions before bed 

4. Start unwinding after dinner 

5. Associate bed only to sleep and restful events.