Refund Policy


All our sales are final.

.3 Coffee does not grant refunds or returns for Products when they are not defective or out of date at the time of delivery and for a period of 48 hours corresponding to the storage period of our boxes of product.

No refund or return is therefore accepted specifically for the following reasons: improper use of the product, improper storage, improper handling.

You are responsible for inspecting the Products at the time of delivery to ensure that the order is in compliance, without damage or risk of consumption. You must also deposit the Products in ventilated and shaded places without delay after receiving the Products. After this period, you will be presumed to have received the Products in good condition and not defective.

If the product delivered is defective, expired or incomplete at the time of the delivery, .3 Coffee will send you a compensation the following week, free of charge. It is your duty to contact customer service to report the condition of the product within 3 working days following the time of delivery. You may be asked to keep the expired or defective product for further inspection and/or investigation.
If you are not satisfied with the Product or the online delivery service, we invite you to contact customer service directly at


Our Services are offered in the form of a Subscription-based system, which means that you agree that .3 Coffee or a third-party payment partner will automatically charge your credit card the amount of your Subscription according to the delivery frequency chosen. The amounts will be charged as long as your Subscription is not suspended or cancelled. The amount debited may change depending on your participation in special offers or the application of credits.

If you wish to cancel your Subscription, you must do so the day before the date of your billing which is posted in your account. No amount will then be charged to your credit card.

In the event of invalid payment information or insufficient funds on your credit card, an error message will be sent to your email address advising you that the transaction has been cancelled. After 3 failed payment attempts, your subscription will be automatically cancelled.


Your orders are automatically renewed as long as your Subscription is active. If you do not wish to receive an order, you must cancel your no later the midnight before the Billing Date. You have the freedom to cancel your Subscription at any time by accessing the My Account section of our Website or by contacting our customer service at

If you cancel your Subscription following the Billing Date, this cancellation will be effective for the next billing period and you will receive the Products the following week.

If you cancel your subscription, please note that you may continue to receive communications from .3 Coffee. If you do not wish to receive these messages, You must unsubscribe from our mailing list as instructed.